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In-studio workshop at VoiceworxThese workshops will teach you a method of how to prepare, interpret and perform with the microphone under the intense pressure of the Studio Recording Session. The essential secret to becoming a master storyteller is to read out loud every day to develop a comprehension and a facility with the language. When first approaching any written text, the 2 most important questions to ask yourself are: What is the message? How do I feel about it?

These are questions that performers will understand. For non-performers, this is the beginning of a journey of self-discovery. Understand that your voice is powerful. Just as our fingerprint is unique, we all have a Personal Vocal Signature which is unlike any other. In voice work, the sounds of our voice are secondary to our feelings behind the message. As our passion and commitment are communicated through words in voice work, the more intimate we can become with how we truthfully feel about everything around us, the more expressive our vocal sounds will be.

Begin now to read aloud and never, never stop!

Voice work can be intensely exciting - just you and the microphone, a page of text and the wonderful sound of your voice in your head-sets.